Community Meeting for:

Breckenridge Villas

Hosted by: Development Consulting Services, PLC

Welcome to the Community Meeting Website!

The goal of this website is to inform the community about our new upcoming project in Spotsylvania County, VA. Our goal is to develop projects in a way that enhances the surrounding communities. This starts by sharing the vision for the project early on in the process. From there, we take all the feedback provided to understand how best to bring this project to the community. The official Community Meeting Info will be posted August 9th, 2021 at 4pm and will remain online for feedback until August 22nd, 2021

Please watch the video below for an introduction to Breckenridge Villas

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Project Location

The project is located in Spotsylvania County, VA near the intersection of Courthouse Road and Leavells Road. The land is located between the Breckenridge Subdivision and the Giant Food on Courthouse Road.